Terms, Conditions & Rules of Membership

Admission to the gym is restricted strictly to members only.

Members must be over 18 years of age.

All members must accept and agree to these Terms, Conditions & Rules of Membership by completing and signing an Application for Membership Form. The agreement commences on completion of the application form and on payment of the first subscription fee.

New members must pay a membership subscription in advance at the rate of £25.00 per month or £250 per year. The opening monthly subscription will be paid in cash. Monthly subscriptions will be paid by standing order thereafter. Annual subscriptions will be paid by standing order, cash or cheque. Existing members will continue to pay subscriptions at the rate agreed at the point of joining.

Cancellation of membership by you will be accepted verbally, by text or by email. No notice period is required. Subscriptions are not refundable.

Membership will be cancelled immediately if payment of membership subscription is not received in advance.

Your membership may be terminated if you breach any of these Terms, Conditions and Rules of Membership or if The Management (Wilf and Brian) considers your conduct to be unacceptable.

Members attend the gym entirely at their own risk. The Management will not accept responsibility for any accident, incident or injury that occurs at the gym.

The gym is unmanned most of the time. Supervision, tuition and inductions are not generally offered. Advice on safe and correct weight training methods and routines are available on request. If not requested, it will be assumed that you are an experienced gym user and are familiar with safe and correct weight training practice.

Equipment must only be used for its intended purpose and in the appropriate manner. Improper use of the equipment may result in injury or damage to the equipment.

Members must workout with consideration for the safety and enjoyment of yourself and other members.

Please be reminded that injury can occur if you fail to ‘warm up’ or if exercises are not performed with good form. Collars and lifting belts are provided and must be used whenever appropriate.

Alcohol and non-prescribed drugs are not allowed in the gym. Anyone attending the gym under the influence of alcohol or drugs may have their membership terminated. Anabolic steroids are strictly forbidden. The Management are vehemently opposed to the use of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding. Anyone suspected of using anabolic steroids in the gym or in or around the mill will have their membership terminated for life.

Children are not permitted in the gym. Do not bring them. The gym is a very dangerous environment for children. They also distract other members, spoil their enjoyment and could cause injury.

Members must respect the mill and other mill users. Do not drop litter in the corridor or in the car park. The gym provides bins for plastic bottles, drinks cartons and all rubbish. Please use them.

Appropriate attire must be worn in the gym at all times. No work clothes please and absolutely no muddy footwear.

Please take care of your valuables. The Management will not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen items.

CCTV is in operation throughout the gym for security and safety management.

Members are advised to consult a doctor before commencing on a programme of physical exercise. This is particularly recommended if you have an existing medical condition or are taking any medication.

This agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales.

Disclaimer: Members attend the gym and use the facilities at their own risk. The Management will not accept liability for any accident or injury occurring at the gym. The Management strongly recommend that members obtain personal insurance against sporting injuries and consult a doctor before commencing on a programme of physical exercise.