In 2005, after over fifty years of iron pumping in the basement of Cheadle Institute, Cheadle Modern Health Gym re-located to Vernon Mill in Stockport. Significant expansion and investment in new equipment has now established CMHG as the borough’s premier weight training gym.

The aim of Cheadle Modern Health Gym is to provide traditional weight training for people who enjoy a no-nonsense, hard-core work out in a friendly, no-frills environment.
The type of equipment and atmosphere are definitely from the ‘old school’. The gym is tailor made for bodybuilders and power lifters but is also perfect for rugby players, footballers and athletes or anyone wanting to keep fit or needing a stress-buster after a rough day at the office.

🏋️¬†Members only
🏋️ Over 18s only
🏋️ ¬£25 per month
🏋️ No contract
🏋️ 24/7 access to members
🏋️ Inclusive and friendly atmosphere
🏋️ Membership enquiries to Wilf (07767 248 499)
🏋️ Brian (07887 688 328)
🏋️ Find us on Facebook

The compact and intimate surroundings are perfect for intense training sessions that get results.

The range of equipment with over three tonnes of free-weight and the select membership mean there is never any hanging around for the apparatus that you want.

So if you’re fed up of having sand kicked in your face or just enjoy a no nonsense workout, Cheadle Modern Health Gym could be just the place for you.


Cheadle Modern Health Gym

0776 724 8499

2nd Floor, Vernon Mill, Mersey Street, Stockport, SK1 2HX